shaping their world and yours

Kids and Toys

Take your child to any toy store. Watch their face light up with delight and see their excitement escalate. It doesn’t matter if you take them to a toy store or a stroll down the toy aisle at your local retailer.

The reaction is always the same. She oohs and aahs over the dolls and accessories. He makes a beeline to the cars and action figures. Toddlers and babies point to the toy that has captured their attention and bounce excitedly grasping towards it. Every. Single. Time. The reaction is the same.

How Did You Feel?

What is it about toys that elicit such excitement? You were there once. What did you feel when you stared at the doll still in her box? Or when you saw that shiny sleek remote control car? It’s not just you or your own kids who feel this way about toys.

In the timeless classic “A Christmas Story”, the boys are window shopping with their parents and what do they do when they come across the window with all the toys? Stop and stare with their faces plastered against the window! The look on Ralphie’s face is priceless. His eyes are bright with wonder and he smiles with awe as he beholds the object of his desire.

Their Future

Toys Kids Love

Toys allow your child to enter a world of magic. It takes them to a world where they are heroes. Your son can battle the bad guys using action figures or dressing up as the hero himself.

He can be the fictional comic mutant, a police officer, soldier, or fire fighter. He can win the Indy 500 by a landslide or a fraction of second. The imagination is all his to do with as he pleases in his world of toys..

Creativity and Make Believe

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By providing toys for your children, you are playing a part in developing their personalities. You are helping them learn to be a productive part of society and caring about those around them.

They get a glimpse of how big our world is and how much we need each other. Boys and girls are learning about caring, providing, protecting, creating, and action. There’s much to be said about toys and why kids love them.

It encompasses so much of what children are in their imagination, in the fun, in the socializing. Toys are more than just an object. They are your child’s world.


When your child is eyeing that toy, the last thing they are thinking about is their safety. That responsibility falls on the shoulders of the parents. More specifically, the mothers. Moms, we protected our babies in the womb.

We made sure our little bundles of joy were safe after they arrived by strapping them tightly and securely in their baby carriers.

We sat in the back seat making sure every jostle and bump did not harm our little baby. We’ve made sure the crib is safe, the bottle is safe, the stroller and everything in between is safe. So naturally, we want to make sure their toys are safe as well.