shaping their world and yours

The need to protect never leaves us. No matter how old our children are, we will always look after their safety. Many things are common knowledge. Most of us know we don’t give small items to babies or children under three. It’s important to read the labels on the toy packaging for the recommended age. These recommendations help us ascertain if it’s the right toy for our child.

Kids Safety Be in the know and pay attention to news stories for safety recalls. Regularly check safety recall lists. Researching is very simple. Enter “safety recall” in your search engine of choice and you will find a multitude of websites with updated lists. There is also a very informative website that provides a list of recalls among other important information on child safety. Whichever site you choose, it will give you the steps to take if you happen to have a recalled toy.

The American government also keeps tabs on the latest recalls and can be viewed at In fact according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are standards most toys must adhere to before distribution. A third party company oversees these standards to ensure the toy makers are in compliance. If you want to learn more about the safety standard, you can view the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act on the CPSC website. More importantly, you can rest assured that there are advocacy groups looking after your child’s safety and holding toy makers accountable for quality products.

Another reliable source is parents. Parents are like minded when it comes to the safety of children and we pay attention to our kids’ toys. When researching a toy, read the reviews. What do other parents have to say about the product? If there’s an issue, you better believe the parents are commenting about the toy’s safety. Same goes with the toys we love. If it’s beautifully designed or has a feature that truly impresses us, we are going to write about it in the reviews. We network and get the word out there about toys, which are best and which should be avoided at all costs. You can even consider reading parenting blogs. A parent blogging about their child’s latest toy is just like a review with a lot more detail in the personal stories about the item. When it comes to your child, safety is everything. Go ahead and be the Mama Bear fiercely protecting your young ones. It’s in your nature.


When your child is eyeing that toy, the last thing they are thinking about is their safety. That responsibility falls on the shoulders of the parents. More specifically, the mothers. Moms, we protected our babies in the womb.

We made sure our little bundles of joy were safe after they arrived by strapping them tightly and securely in their baby carriers.

We sat in the back seat making sure every jostle and bump did not harm our little baby. We’ve made sure the crib is safe, the bottle is safe, the stroller and everything in between is safe. So naturally, we want to make sure their toys are safe as well.