shaping their world and yours

Looking for the perfect toy can be excruciating! There are the endless questions. What do they like? Where do I look? Is the toy safe? Age appropriate? It can seem daunting, but the good news is there are a lot of resources to steer you in the right direction.

Most Popular Kids Toys Most Popular Kids Toys is extensive. This site will break everything down for you. In fact, on the home page is the Toy Box with a list of categories to narrow down your child’s interests. From there, Most Popular Kids Toys will break it down even further by age, gender, and even price range.

Another bonus with Most Popular Kids Toys is the reviews. It really helps to read what other parents have to say about the toys. Anyone can write an article raving about a toy but ultimately it is the children that give the honest review. This is reflected in what parents have to say regarding toy reviews. If there is a specific toy you are considering for your child, you can look at the star rating, read the reviews and see the product description.

Another great site that has a great structure and is organized very well is Similar to Most Popular Kids Toys, you’ll find toys by age, gender, category and maker.

FatBrainToys also a unique, easy to us meter that allows you to narrow down your selections by price as well as the other factors mentioned before.


When your child is eyeing that toy, the last thing they are thinking about is their safety. That responsibility falls on the shoulders of the parents. More specifically, the mothers. Moms, we protected our babies in the womb.

We made sure our little bundles of joy were safe after they arrived by strapping them tightly and securely in their baby carriers.

We sat in the back seat making sure every jostle and bump did not harm our little baby. We’ve made sure the crib is safe, the bottle is safe, the stroller and everything in between is safe. So naturally, we want to make sure their toys are safe as well.